They just started out with one of  the first civilizations. Asia has the most people in it more than any other continent. It has the most mountains in the world that includes the tallest mountain- Mount Everest. . There are about four billion people in Asia. It is colossal.

Camp Lincoln

We as a class went to Camp Lincoln. It was so fun! I  wish I could tell you about the whole thing, but I am only going to focus on my favorite part.  I picked the hike. First we went to the beginning of the trail to draw a picture of the stuff we needed to get for a nature tea the counselor told us we were going to make. We started to hike a little and then we saw some wintergreens. They were soft and sour. Next we saw some Indian Cucumbers. We found them by looking for a green plant with three leaves. Then we had to dig in order to get the cucumber part out of the ground. The cucumber part was colorless. I thought they looked small. After that, we saw the animals. There were goats and chickens. When we got to the end of the trail, we sat in a circle and wrote poems. Finally, we got to taste the nature tea. It tasted plain. On the way back, we took a short cut because we were out of time. We quickly grabbed our backpacks and went on the bus. We all said goodbye to the staff. It was the funnest field trip ever!